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Every month More Voices invites readers to contribute short nonfiction prose pieces of 40 to 400 words on a healthcare theme.



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Jacobs balance


Zachary Gene Jacobs 

About the artist:

Zachary Jacobs is an academic hospitalist and storyteller who believes that compassionate care and patient-centered medicine are enhanced by a familiarity with narrative. He is driven by his passion for stories and aspires to capture and recount their beauty through poetry, prose, photography and visual arts.

About the artwork:

"The beach will always hold a special place in my heart; I frequently find myself drawn there in times of personal dissonance. I go there searching for answers, or, failing that, at least a sense of tranquility. Recently walking along the shores of Santa Cruz a little after sunrise, I came across this funny little avian yogi who seemed to embody the balance and serenity that I so often struggle to achieve in my own life and work. I reflected on how much we can learn from simply taking the time to observe the natural world around us, and I felt thankful for the demonstration of mindfulness meditation that this anthropomorphic gull so generously provided."

Visuals editor: 

Sara Kohrt