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kaleem patience


Tasneem Kaleem

About the artist: 

Tasneem Kaleem is a radiation-oncology resident. "I was always artistically inclined from a young age, engaging in painting, dance and violin. I spent a summer in Rome studying artistic anatomy, which piqued my interest in medicine." Kaleem's artwork has been featured in many exhibitions, and recently her pastel work was selected to be a front cover for an international medical journal.

About the artwork:

"Waiting rooms bring together people for a purpose--to obtain medical attention. Whether it is you or a family member, it is a stressful yet universal experience. Some may be waiting for loved ones to return from surgery; others maybe awaiting a meeting with the doctor to review a recent diagnosis. The waiting room is where we come within close proximity of one another for a common purpose. Despite this closeness and shared experience, most waiting rooms are quiet because of the psychological distance between those present. I have observed this not only as a physician but as a patient. I find it paradoxical because the waiting room could be a source of support. I decided to depict the disconnect between people in order to raise awareness of this phenomenon."

Visuals editor:

Sara Kohrt


# Sara 2017-07-15 10:16
Wonderful portrayal and choice for sharing with the Pulse community! These days, the business of healthcare can also lead to disconnects between patients and providers, and even between providers. I resonate with the sadness and frustration emanating from this image, and am grateful you bring attention to the problem.
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