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moon - sanders

Justin Sanders

About the artist: 

Justin Sanders trained as a family doctor and is now pursuing a career in palliative care. He and his wife live in Boston, preparing to welcome their first child into the world. Having studied art history and worked in the fine arts, he has a deep faith in their healing power. He is a Pulse author and serves as its visuals editor. When not frantically cleaning house in preparation for a baby, he loves to mess up recipes from a growing cookbook collection and to read The New Yorker.

About the artwork:

"My wife's pregancy has been an amazing time for us. It's remarkable that such a common event can be one that feels so profoundly unique. Becoming pregnant took unexpected effort and time, and so excitement has been tempered throughout by worry that things will turn out okay. I took this photo at thirty-seven weeks, full term, and it reminded me of a waxing moon. As a family doctor with experience in obstetrics, one of the challenges of pregnancy has been turning off my medical brain and experiencing it as my wife does. Trying to take it in through photography and as something purely beautiful--which it is--has made that easier. Cecily Agnes Sanders joined us late Thursday, February 20, just before midnight."

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders



# Diane Guernsey 2014-02-23 13:34
"Earth hath not anything to show more fair," as Wordsworth said.

...Nothing more fair, that is, until the baby arrives!

Happy Birthday, dear Cecily Agnes Sanders!

And tremendous congratulations , Caroline and Justin!

Much love,

Diane Guernsey and Paul Gross

(P.S. Try to sleep when the baby sleeps :-)
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